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At Central West Water Bores, we are proud to offer water bores that have been constructed to the highest standard. We know that safety and quality are paramount when it comes to water drilling services. A poorly planned or sloppily executed bore could result in cave-ins, contaminated aquifers and other dire consequences. We prevent these unwanted outcomes by pairing extensive experience with some of the finest equipment in the industry.

Over the years, Central West Water Bores has developed a reputation for having an extremely high water strike rate. We pride ourselves on our ability to find water sources for our clients, even on properties that would be deemed ‘difficult’ or ‘non-plentiful’ according to industry terminology.

The first secret to our success is our owner, Mick O’Neill. Mick has been working in the borehole drilling services industry for more than 40 years now. He has worked all over New South Wales—including Orange, Bathurst, Dubbo, Cowra, Mudgee, Canberra and Cooma. He has used different techniques to identify drilling locations, including hydrogeological surveys and electronic, magnetic surveys. He has tackled projects that were both simple and complex. In short, he is the kind of surefooted and knowledgeable water boring professional you want on your side for a water well project.

Borehole Drilling Services

Mick also has another reputation with customers, for offering highly personal and friendly customer service. With every project, Mick will explain his process to clients and help them understand why specific areas are or are not ideal for a water well bore. Customers appreciate his ability to explain things in layman’s terms and expand their understanding of boring services and water wells in general.

The second secret to our success is our drilling equipment. We could never provide modern water drilling services without contemporary water drilling equipment. Luckily, we do have the equipment necessary to meet the needs of our clients, including an Ingersoll-Rand Drillmaster rotary hammer drill rig. This drill allows us to provide fast, efficient and safe water bore construction, every time.


If there is a third secret to our success, it is our high standards. If 40 years of experience has taught Mick anything, it’s that customers expect and deserve nothing but the best. Central West Water Bores attempts to deliver high standards every time because we know that the safety and usability of the water well depend on it.

Meet with Mick and Discuss Our Borehole Drilling Services Today

If you need boring services and want to make sure you are putting your trust in the right person, look no further than Central West Water Bores. Mick would be happy to visit your property and consult on the possibility of a water bore. He can provide advice, prepare a water well construction quote and generally help you navigate towards the next steps of your project. Call 0402980000 or fill out our online contact form today to get started.