Deep Well Drilling

Deep Well Drilling Contractors 

You may already know underground water provides much of the water you rely on, but you may not know much of this process takes place through deep well drilling, or water bore drilling. Especially here in Australia, where there are many areas with limited access to above-ground fresh water, boring and borehole drillers are a vital part of supplying water to your area.

At Central West Water Bores, we are trained and skilled in water bore drilling and have provided solutions to Australian clients for over 30 years. Our job is getting water to you from a vast expanse of underground bore wells to help you thrive in your town or city. We understand not everyone knows what we do, so we made a guide to help you grasp the importance of our drilling and boring services.

A Quick Guide to Water Boring and Drilling

Across the country are underground geological aquifers of water, created mostly from rainfall and evaporation. When cleaned, this water can become safe for drinking: our task is connecting you to this source of water so it can later be used for a range of daily needs.


  • Boreholes extract this water from the ground. Boreholes are basically a system of pipes and tubes working to suck the water up from underground for your use. They are durable under the intense underground pressure and are built to last for a long period. Their depth ranges based on location, but typically falls between 60m and 80m.

  • Often, inserting boreholes means going through hard rock and other geological factors that are tough to cut through. Our water bore drillers are prepared for hard rock drilling and can cut through the hardest rock surfaces to reach the water stored far beneath the ground. As a borehole makes its way into the ground, different mineral factors come into play, and it gets harder to drill through these materials than what is on the surface. The Central West Water Bores team is trained to overcome these challenges: our tools drill through all rock forms until we reach the well.

  • Once we complete this process of water boring, drilling, and inserting the borehole, you will have a functioning borehole well to provide you with clean water from the subterranean surfaces of the Earth. This easy water access is helpful to clients across Australia—in fact, much of our water supply as a population comes from employing these methods successfully.


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If you have water bore needs, get in contact today. With over 30 years in the drilling profession, our skilled team can help clients in Central West with all their subterranean water needs. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us today, as we are more than happy to provide additional information on our services and capabilities. Recognised as one of Australia’s top drilling contractors, we will not disappoint you.