Water Bore Drilling in Dubbo


Perhaps you are building a new home and want to make sure you have a reliable resource for drinking water, irrigation and other residential water uses. Maybe you have been living on the same property for years and are tired of relying on municipal water resources (and paying municipal water bills). In either case, hiring a company for water bore drilling in Dubbo is your first step towards constructing a reliable water well on your property.

Choosing the Right Water Bore Drillers


Before you hire bore drillers in Dubbo to break ground on your new water well, it’s important to know what you are looking for and what you need. Choosing the right drilling contractor will yield a cleaner, safer. and more stable water well. A better water well, meanwhile, will provide you with better tasting drinking water. Simply put, the choice you make in selecting your boring contractor will have lasting implications for your quality of life.

So what do you need to know to hire the right drilling contractors in Dubbo? Here are a few categories that most customers will ask about before deciding who to hire:

  • Experience: Undoubtedly, you want an experienced bore driller. Professionals who have been working in this field know how to locate water resources and drill safe bores without disrupting or damaging your property. At Central West Water Bores, experience is one of our main calling cards. Our drilling contractor, Mick O’Neill, has been drilling water bores for more than 40 years. He has successfully found and tapped water resources for homeowners, business owners, property developers, viticulturists, orchardists and more.

  • Equipment: Always ask what kind of gear your bore driller is using. The better the equipment, the more capable it is of drilling on difficult land. For instance, at Central West Water Bores, we use a state of the art Ingersoll-Rand Drillmaster that allows us to perform hard rock drilling in Dubbo. Drilling wells through layers of rock is typically much more difficult than just drilling through soil. These types of wells require heavy duty equipment and skilled contractors to drill.

  • Adherence to Legal Requirements: Well drilling is not something you can do on a whim. Drilling a well on your property requires numerous approvals, as well as compliance with several laws. At Central West Water Bores, one benefit of our decades of experience is that we understand and respect these legal requirements. From licencing and permitting to siting of the bore and test drilling, we will carefully plan your water drilling project to ensure that it meets all requirements.


Start Your Water Drilling Project in Dubbo

Are you ready to start water drilling in Dubbo? If so, give us a call at Central West Water Bores today. Not only will you get a company that meets all the criteria of a qualified and reliable bore driller, but we will also do everything we can to ensure a smooth, enjoyable customer experience. We are known for our personal and friendly customer service, and simply love connecting with new clients. We hope to hear from you soon.