Hard Rock Water Bore Drilling in Bathurst



Many rural areas do not have access to the water mains that supply potable water to those in larger, more densely populated regions. As such, the people who live on farms, acreages and in small outback communities typically rely on wells or boreholes to provide their water for them. However, boreholes need to be drilled and if you want to increase the odds of successfully striking water on your property, you’ll need to hire bore drillers near Bathurst who are known for the accuracy of their work.

How to Choose High-Value Drilling Contractors In or Around Bathurst

The first thing you’ll want to look for in potential drilling contractors near Bathurst is a high success rate for striking water. After all, not every drilling attempt is guaranteed to be successful — but if you’re going to pay for a team to come out and drill on your land, you’d better do everything in your power to turn the odds in your favour. Hiring a company known for striking water often is an excellent way to reduce the risk of drilling a dry hole.

There are several other factors you should look for in a drilling company if you want to be sure they’ll perform work that will satisfy you. Keep an eye out for the following qualities:

  1. Significant industry experience. The longer drilling contractors have been in business, the more flexible they’ll be and the easier they’ll find it to work on your site. Your land might have particular challenges that require additional considerations: hard rock drilling for example. Bathurst is home to several different types of terrain, and water bore drilling in the Bathurst region can be extremely difficult unless the drillers know precisely how to deal with the conditions they’ll find in each location.

  2. Use of modern equipment: your contractors should use state of the art tools to ensure that their work is carried out with a minimum of risk, effort and wasted time.

  3. Friendly, reliable, and consistent: customer service isn’t just for shopping centres and restaurants. When you invite a professional of any kind onto your property, you’ll need to be confident that they’ll respect the space — and respect you as well. Choose communicative pros whose flexibility and consideration for your needs is apparent from the first time you meet them.

Call Central West Water Bores and Benefit from the Help of Seasoned Drillers


Central West Water Bores has an excellent rate of striking water and our skill allows us to drill in various environmental conditions. We typically perform hard rock drilling and provide clients in rural regions with easy access to economical and consistent water supplies. If you’re looking for friendly professionals who will be able to help connect you with the resources you need, look no further than our experienced team for water drilling near Bathurst. Contact us now to learn more about our work and speak with one of our associates who can provide extra details.