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You want to establish a long-term source of usable water on your property, but perhaps you’re not sure what the next step is. Approaching drilling contractors in Orange seems like a logical strategy, but how can you make sure you’re hiring bore drillers in the Orange area who will follow industry best practices and raise your chances of striking water? It’s vital to ask yourself these questions before you hire professionals and let them onto your property, so that you can feel confident about the water drilling services you eventually choose.

Water Drilling Orange

Water drilling in Orange can come with a variety of challenges, in part due to the varied terrain in and around the region. Orange is one of only a few places in Australia that is well known for both its wineries and its mining industry — as such, the ground in the region may be particularly supple and easy to drill into or extremely dense and full of rocky deposits. It all depends on the type of property that you have and on the skills of the contractor you choose to hire for the job.

Drilling Contractors

Skilled water bore drilling professionals in Orange understand the unique difficulties that can come with working in this region, and they’ll make sure to use tools and techniques that can handle the conditions on your property. At Central West Water Bores, we can easily take care of hard rock drilling in Orange and work with numerous other environmental challenges to make sure your borehole is always drilled correctly. We support our clients in the following ways:

  • Using premium equipment: our Ingersoll-Rand rotary hammer drill rig allows us to drill quickly and powerfully, even into rough or rocky terrain. Our rig is fitted with a high-pressure air compressor which gives it greater pneumatic strength than other less-powerful rigs.

  • Performing extensive surveying: we use several different surveying methods to raise our chances of striking water successfully. We discuss our surveying methods with each client beforehand and work with them to choose the method best suited to their land.

  • Strong communication skills: we make sure to work with you, not just for you. When you contact us, you’ll be entering into a strategic partnership with people who have your best interests at heart. That way, you’ll always receive accurate information about what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and what we plan to do next. You’ll also be respected at all times while we’re on your property, so you can relax and trust us with the work we’ve been doing for decades.


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30 years in the industry has taught us a lot about drilling boreholes and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve learned. Contact Central West Water Bores at your earliest convenience to speak with a team member who can give you additional details on everything we do so that you can feel good about choosing us to drill your next bore.