As a company skilled in professional groundwater drilling in NSW, we often receive questions about what we do and why it’s essential. While much of the water supply comes from water bores in NSW, those who benefit from these methods tend not to know the specifics of our operation. At Central West Water Bores, we make it part of our mission as one of the premier drilling companies in NSW to make sure our clients are well-educated about water boring before we start the process of drilling and inserting boreholes.

We aim to teach our clientele about the benefits of boring and how these techniques can provide an advantage to many areas in Australia, especially regions that are less populated or rural. We have been in this business for decades, so we know the ins and outs of groundwater drilling and are pleased to share our knowledge to better inform our clients and the public.

Answering Your Questions about Groundwater Drilling in NSW

Before we start the process of hard rock drilling and inserting boreholes, we like to put our clients’ minds at ease. These are some of the most common questions we receive from our clients regarding the procedures we use and the benefits of NSW water bores.

What Are Water Bores?
Water bores assist professionals in accessing the groundwater that runs far underneath the Earth's surface, accessible through bore drilling. This water, like fresh stream water, is usually safe to drink after purification processes. Water bores provide a helpful way of getting fresh water to your town or village. This water is easy to purify and a reliable source for those not close to a fresh body of water that allows for freshwater extraction.

How is the Water Extracted?

fter drilling, water is brought to the surface via boreholes, a series of tubes and pumps that work like a well to get water from the ground to you. Boreholes effectively create a store of underground water accessible to you, bringing water from the ground to the surface, and ultimately leading it to your home for your use.

Are Water Bores Safe?
Yes! Water bores have been used for generations, and people have used well methods for extracting fresh water for centuries. Groundwater is just as safe as water from sources like lakes or streams if filtered before drinking. Our boreholes seal and block many contaminants from the outer layers of the Earth, and simple purification tests can show how clean your water is, so you always maintain a safe and reliable source.

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