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Are you ready to get away from municipal water service on your home or business site? If so, your best bet is to drill a water well on the property. Water wells pump water from subsurface aquifers and deliver it your home or business via the plumbing system. In your building, you won’t notice much difference between well water and municipal water—but the taste might be different. However, a big part of the reason people call water bore drilling contractors in the first place is that they want to have an inexpensive and reliable source of water they can access at any time. Municipal water doesn’t always fit that description, but a well-built water well does.

Checking Your Property with the Help of a Water Bore Contractor

  • At Central West Water Bores, we are boring contractors, which means we help property owners find water sources and drill their water wells. The biggest challenge with transitioning from a municipal water source to a private well is finding the right spot for the well. Even if you have a huge parcel of land, there are probably only a few spots on the property where a water well could go. You need a place where there is an aquifer (or underground water surface) directly below.

  • Also, it’s important to find a spot where there is minimal dense rock separating the aquifer from the surface. Dense rock is more difficult to drill through, which complicates the well design and building process. For best results, wells are positioned in areas where there aren’t these types of obstacles. It’s also crucial to drill water wells away from potential contaminants, such as septic systems, livestock living areas and underground propane or fuel tanks.

  • Qualified and experienced drilling contractors know how to navigate these restrictions to identify potential water well locations and find usable aquifers. At Central West Water Bores, we pride ourselves on our ability to locate water in difficult and water-scarce areas. Aquafers are not always simple to find, but we have an extremely high water strike rate regardless. Between our 40 years of industry experience and our top-notch boring equipment, we are remarkably consistent and efficient in our ability to find suitable water sources for our clients.

Team up with Our Water Bore Drilling Contractors Today

Even if you think your property might not have any available underground water sources—and even if you’ve had boring contractors check in the past—we hope you will give us a call at Central West Water Bores. While we can’t guarantee that we will find a water source you can use, we can guarantee to provide a thorough, evidence-based search and bore service. If there is water to be located beneath your property, in other words, we are the people to find it!

Are you interested in checking your property for new water supply? Call Central West Water Bores today.