Water is perhaps the most fundamental factor in supporting life on our planet. From the depths of the oceans to the smallest lakes, practically every body of water supports life within or around it — and that means a reliable supply of water is essential in many applications. For those who choose to raise livestock in Australia, this can be a particularly challenging task. Not every pasture is close to a natural source of water, if there is one nearby at all. Rainfall may not always be dependable enough to rely upon as well. In situations such as these, it is time to turn one's attention to a more hidden source of water. Tapping into groundwater requires partnering with professional bore drillers in NSW, but it can ensure you practically always have water in the locations you need it most.

After securing the proper permits to explore for a source, your attention will turn to choosing water bore drillers in NSW. At Central West Water Bores, we bring decades of experience in the field to the table and combine it with a passion for involved customer service. From the first discussion about your requirements to the last pump test, your satisfaction and success is our concern. When you need to source groundwater for your animals, how do we help?

The qualified, experienced water bore drillers in NSW

The first step we take is often to visit your site to explore the surroundings, discuss your requirements with you, and conduct preliminary locating efforts for a good drill site. All this is completely free and comes with no obligation to continue with our services as your drilling contractors in NSW. However, these efforts contribute to our 90%+ success rate in locating dependable groundwater sources.

After approvals, which we can also assist with, we proceed with the most appropriate type of survey for the site. Such as electromagnetic imaging or a more traditional hydro geological survey. In either case, we will quickly and precisely locate the best zone to begin water drilling on your NSW property. With state of the art equipment, we can construct reliable bores every time.

From this stage onward, it’s all about what you, the client, need from the finished product. Whether it's pumping infrastructure or something else, we have skills to use throughout construction. During the project, our team communicates often to keep clients apprised of all developments and in total control of the outcome.

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Relieve the stress that can accompany concerns about maintaining appropriate water supplies for your herds. With dependable water bore drilling in NSW available through our team, finding a solution that already exists on your land today is that much easier. Let's look together for what nature has in store for you. To find out more about how we can help or enquire about scheduling an obligation-free site visit today, please use our contact form now.